Learn more about your iOS Location Settings

What is Location Services?

Location Services is a setting on your phone or other mobile device. You have the option to set Location Services to Always, While Using or Never.
When on, Location Services helps Lyfeloop provide you with location features, including allowing you to post content that’s tagged with your location, get more relevant ads, find places and Wi-Fi nearby and use Nearby Friends.
You can turn off Location Services at any time. When Location Services is turned off for this device, Lyfeloop won’t add new information to your Location History from this device, even if Location History is turned on.

What is Location History?

Location History is a setting that allows Lyfeloop to build a history of precise locations received through Location Services on your devices. When Location History is on, Lyfeloop will add your current precise location to your Location History either While Using the app or Always depending on which Location Services setting you choose.
You can turn off Location History at any time in your Location Settings on the app. When Location History is turned off, Lyfeloop will stop adding new information to your Location History, which you can view in your Location Settings. You may still share your precise location when you use our products. For example, we may receive and store location data when you check-in, RSVP as attending an event or post photos that include location information.
You can also delete your previously recorded precise locations from your Location History. Remember that only you can see your Location History.
Location History helps you explore what’s around you, get more relevant ads, and helps improve Lyfeloop. Location History must be turned on for some location features to work on Lyfeloop, including Nearby Friends and Find Wi-Fi.

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